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Holocaust denier Irving touring Britain this August

Notorious Holocaust-denier and disgraced ‘historian’ David Irving is to tour the UK this August, giving talks on one of his heroes, the SS chief Heinrich Himmler. Irving will be in Southampton (18 Aug), Exeter (20 Aug), Bristol (21 Aug), Coventry (22 Aug), Manchester (24 August), North Yorkshire, (25 Aug) Newcastle (27 Aug), Edinburgh (28 Aug), Peterborough (29 Aug), Oxford (30 Aug) and London (31 Aug).

In common with many far-right and neo-nazi gatherings, the exact location of the events have so far been kept a secret to prevent protests. The North East Anti-Fascists have released a leaflet demanding to know exactly where Irving will be speaking, citing the safety concerns of local people who will unknowingly be hosting the pro-Nazi speaker and his followers in their communities. A video urging people to oppose Irving has also been released.

Irving, who has served a jail sentence for Holocaust denial in Austria, and once claimed Hitler chose him personally to be his historian, said in 2010 that Polish people ‘should be grateful’ for his annual package tours of Holocaust sites. Around 3 million Polish Jews perished due to Hitler’s acts of genocide.